Crazy bendhy rhythm  Joe Sivero (Distant People)

the true sound of sao paulo underground  Murray Richardson (Baker Street)

Good tracks, good rhythm and good bass  Advokkat

Slammin´ package!  Rick Preston

Great Stuff! Jackin and a little bit weird! (i a good way!)  Mark Farina

Excellent!  Dubfire

Really interesting sound!  Soul Minority

A stomper!  QBurns Abstract Message


There’s probably not another force in house music presently more relevant in São Paulo (or even maybe all of Brazil) than Colors Sound System. Evolving out of a 15 year strong party in the big city the project is spearheaded by DJ’ing brothers Jota Wagner and Captain Wander A. Together they’ve dazzled dance floors in multiple countries and have become responsible for a unique recording project that draws not only on house music feelings but funk, indie-rock, and Brazillian rhythms as well“.

The paragraph above, quoted from press-release of latest Colors Sound System Adore EP on Blunted Funk Records (wrote by 8Dimmension Promotion Co.) couldn’t explain more clearly the influence of Colorsss influence on Sao Paulo house music scene. For 15 year, they’ve been helping to build brazilian music scene by reaching crowded clubs from north to deep south of their continental country, besides five yearly tours through Europe since 2005.

Jota and Wander has also in their biography a collection of residences at some of the key clubs in Brazil like Jerome,  D-Edge (Paradise), Vegas (Colors), Supperclub (Colors), Stereo and Bunker 94 (Bit Sessions), Lov.e Club (House-O-Matic), Kraft (Antenna) and the Surreal Tracker Tower (with their currently sunday party “Domingos Surreais”).

As music producers, Colors Sound System has been building a solid reputation as weird house music composers. Their music has been released through EIGHT-TRACKS, Lunatic Jazz, Candy Music, Headtunes, Blunted Funk, Conya Records and Lovemonk with supports from house music masters Quentin Harris, Andy Cato, Joey Silvero, Robert Owens, Jay West, Renato Cohen, Renato Lopes and Mark Farina to name a few. In 2008, Colors Sound System has released their first mixed CD, called “The Tao Of House Music” (Lunatic Jazz Records).

Jota and Wander are planning the second volume of the compilation to the next year as well as a new European tour and more weird tracks to amuse the dancefloor!


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