Primeiras impressoes do novo disco Director´s Cut pela Lunatic Jazz

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A 8D Promotions começou a enviar ontem as copias promocionais do Director´s Cut, o novo disco do Colors Sound System que sai mes que vem.

Ja no primeiro dia, os feedbacks recebemos sao de honrar… O favorito brasileiro Ashley Beedle (xpress2) escreveu que a versão original de Road Movement é  “a real beaulty, nice and leftfield”.

Ja Gavin Hardkiss  (Delusions of Grandeur)  escolheu como favorita a versão original de Steampunk Salvador, um épico eletrico tropicalista de 8 minutos… “so fucking good +++” foram suas palavras.

Vale copiar aqui tambem as palavras de Severino Panzetta, italiano do Horse Meat Disco: ” Musically VEEERY GOOD indeed”

Outras doces palavras e notas maximas vieram de Hot Toddy (Crazy P),  Sleazy McQueen, Gregorio Assandri, DJ Harri (Subclub), Murray Richardson e alguns outros por enquanto.

Esperamos que a palavra se espalhe como a musica, e alguns brasileiros tambem  nos deem lugar nos seus cases!!

vamo que vamo. ja ja tem o preview em audio pra voces.

Jota e Captain Wander

Colors Sound System


Novo EP do Colors Sound System em abril

Ja esta em fase de producaoo o novo EP do Colors Sound System.

O disco se chamara Director´s Cut, e conta com remixes de Anthony Mansfield, Sneak-E Pete e Stereo 77, alem das duas originais.

Musicalmente, espere a psicodelia deep de sempre, com elementos que vão de percussões orgânicas e guitarras até barulhos e batuques tropicalistas.

Logo logo ja  tem um preview aqui no site. Fique ligado.

Colors Sound System – Adore : Deep + Funky House Music From Brazil

Colors Sound System – Adore : Deep + Funky House Music From Brazil

Blunted Funk
blunted funk recordings present
Colors Sound System
some seriously funky house sounds from Brazil
Colors Sound System - Adore
There’s probably not another force in house music presently more relevant in São Paulo (or even maybe all of Brazil) than Colors Sound System. Evolving out of a ten year strong party in the big city the project is spearheaded by DJ’ing brothers Jota Wagner and Wander A. Together they’ve dazzled dance floors in multiple countries and have become responsible for a unique recording project that draws not only on house music feelings but funk, indie-rock, and Brazillian rhythms as well. So far Colors Sound System has releases on Conya, Jay West’s Candy Music, their own Lunatic Jazz label, and are now pleased to add Blunted Funk Recordingsto their CV.”Adore,” the lead track on this release, exemplifies the vibe of a Colors Sound System party. Bouncy bass lines, layered beats, an electrifying vocal loop, and off-kilter synth melodies all conspire to move this track front-and-center in the virtual DJ crate. Nick Chacona, coming off his recent Love In The Middle album for Sasse’s Moodmusic label, delivers the first of a pair of “Adore” remixes. This lavish production is built around a heavy and insistent low end as elements from the original swirl in and out for hypnotic late night appeal. Next in line, Blunted Funk’s own Sneak-E Pete in cahoots with Hector Works’ Anthony Mansfield present a more cosmic take on “Adore.” The tempo of the groove is lowered a notch, making way for echoed atmospheres, histrionic guitar chords, and a foreboding, but effective, build. As a bonus, Colors Sound System also add the bonus track “Pleasant Sea” which offers another aspect of their sound. A bit more playful in feel, this cut balances out tracky house doings with synth lines more representative of a nu-disco production.Listen to a preview of this release here:

Selected Feedback:

Shur-i-kan- “It’s all about Nick’s remix here. He’s done an outstanding job to take this track and transform it into a triply, deep, twirling sonic journey.”

Joshua Heath (Golden State) – “I love that twisted acid funk line in ‘Adore.’ Nice unique stuff here.”

Rick Preston“Hot damn! All of these are rockin’!”

Alland Byallo “Superb! Love every cut on here.”

Chris Fortier (Fade) – “I’m a big fan of all Nick does, and Anthony Mansfield + Sneak-E Pete are right on the money here, too.”

Roberto Rodriguez (Compost) – “Yeah! Super cool release. The Chacona remix is one epic ride. Great stuff.”

Miles Maeda“Ahhhhh… hits the spot. 5/5”

Murray Richardson “The true sound of the São Paulo underground!”

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Colors Sound System

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